17321 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 315, Dumfries VA 22026

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JMCS maintains exceptional value by maximizing effectiveness and efficiency through dedication, innovation and motivation.

At Jones & Massey Consulting Services our goal is to help our clients with their business growth and long term mission.


Jones & Massey Consulting Services, LLC (JMCS) is a diverse small woman owned, minority owned, veteran owned small business which is capable of providing a variety of services and supplies. It is the goal of (JMCS) to provide the highest quality services and supplies at the fairest possible price. JMCS maintains exceptional value by maximizing effectiveness and efficiency through dedication, innovation and motivation.

JMCS focuses on a team approach in every aspect of business, which creates an atmosphere that is both energized and service-oriented. JMCS places commitment to each of our constituents – clients, staff, family, community and country – above the need for short-term profits. This guarantees the best value for our customers, permits us to attract the most valuable employees, and creates the optimal atmosphere for attaining both personal and professional excellence.

Finally, JMCS’s mission is to deliver trained work force and to provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) to the client. JMCS will properly train and support the client workforce to ensure effective management and administration of procured services and supplies and that those personnel are actively kept abreast of current changes and revisions in accordance to best practices in industry.


JMCS is dedicated to supporting personnel as well as facilitating organizations specializing in project management, contracting, and innovative regulatory compliance. JMCS is focused on maintaining progressive strides to maintain efficient, effective initiatives in the progressive realm of policy and industry standards for the procurement of supplies and services in a reasonable, efficient and transparent manner.

Why Choose Us?

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